New Year’s Resolutions

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While making New Year’s resolutions is easy, keeping them is much more difficult.  This is particularly so with new year’s resolutions involving finance. Deciding that this year will be the year that you finally own your first property, move into the investment property market or simply start putting money away for a rainy day is the easy part – making it happen is another matter entirely.

So with this in mind – here are a few tips to make your goals possible.

  • Write down what your New Year’s Resolution is and then place it in a prominent place where you will see it daily. Then break it down into manageable little milestones and reward yourself when you tick those off.
  • Take control of your debt situation and make it a priority to clear unproductive debts (credit cards and personal loans). The sooner that you eliminate these debts, the sooner you will have the freedom to prioritize your goals. You can either prioritize to eliminate them from lowest value to highest or from the highest charging interest rate through to the lowest. The important thing is to stick to your plan.
  • Commit to any savings plan by arranging an automatic salary deduction from the account that your salary goes into. To guard against any mishaps set the deduction up to come out the day after you are paid.
  • Consider using personal finance software to track your expenditure and identify any wastage that may be occurring. There are a number of apps and programs available that can help you with this.
  • Understand that you don;t need to do this alone – there are trained professionals that can help you to create a plan to achieve all of your financial goals

If you need any assistance with getting on track – give the team at Australian Finance Hub a call and we’ll be happy to assist.

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